Pictures on this page are examples of the knives stated. Prices quoted are base prices. Any custom work, different steel selection, inlay or file work, engraving, exotic handle material and/or configurations and custom sheath configurations and set ups are definately welcome but may effect the price. 


All knives on this page are the work and design of T.M.Hunt custom knives unless stated otherwise. 



The M18 has come to be the flagship of T.M.Hunt custom knives. It was designed as a wilderness tool capable of many tasks. The large chopping end is given mechanical advantage by the hollow ground draw knife/froe section of the blade and chops like a axe. The versitile hand purchases used with the lanyard for support offers a the blade to be used for fine cutting chores and breaking down and skinning game. One tool to take the place of many, it has been seen and endorsed Discovery channels Naked and afraid. Sold in a standard model or can be ordered in a custom version to fit your specific needs and tastes. 


Specs. 16in. OAL 1/4in. 01 stock 57RC 


Starting price $475. Including sheath, available in leather or kydex. 



The Tradewater  (in manys opinion) is the perfect all around field knife. Big enough to be used for big jobs while still maintaining its versatility for smaller tasks. Countoured handles make for comfortable use with no hot spots once the chores are done. Available in many different finishes and configurations, this knife is sure to be as visually beautiful as it is useful. 


Specs. 10 3/4 in OAL 5 3/4in blade. 3/16in thick 01 58RC base models start at $325. including sheath, available in leather or kydex. 



The Yuma (meaning "son of the chief") is the perfect utilitarian knife for backpackers or even hunters that want something that takes up a little less space. The exact same profile as the Tradewater, the Yumas only differences is its 1 1/2in. shorter blade and its thinner 5/32in width stock. Light in the hand with the same superior ergonomics makes this one a classic in the T.M.Hunt lineup. Available in endless configurations. 


Specs. 9 1/4in. OAL 4 1/4in. blade 5/32 in stock 01 58RC. 


Base models start at $300. Including sheath available in leather or kydex.



The Magua is perhaps the best selling knife in T.M.Hunt history. Originally designed as a patch knife that Todd gifted his uncle almost 15 years ago, the pattern is basically unchanged. Its everything you need in a knife and nothing you don't. Small enough to be a every day carry knife, The thinner stock gives it scalpel like cutting ability and since it is available in countless configurations, is a nice way to have something personal, hand made and high quality for a more than reasonable cost. 


Specs. 7 3/4in OAL 3 1/2in blade 1/8in stock 01 59RC. Base models start at $180. Including sheath available in leather or kydex. 


Also available in a skeletonized version (not pictured) starting at $90.



The T.M.Hunt Foxkit is the only knife in the line up that was not designed by Todd. Rick Bain of Foxwalk Primitive designed the knife to use as a small game processor as well as to do small utilitarian and woodcraft chores. Todd was so impressed by it that it quickly became a popular site around the shop and now to customers all over. Ricks has a extensive knowledge of the outdoors attending some of the most prestigious tracking schools in the U.S. and it shows in the design of this knife. 


Specs. 5 1/2in OAL 2 1/2in blade 5/32in stock 01 60RC. Base modles start at $200. Including sheath available in leather or kydex

Lil Billy Bad Axe and The Leaveit Cleaver Keyring


The Lil Billy Bad Axe and the Leaveit Cleaver are two very small pocket or keychain tools available from T.M.Hunt that are both fun and functional at the same time. Made with all of the painstaking attention to detail as the knives. These things are truely a one of a kind pieces of unique craftsmanship that can earn there keep performing day to day cutting chores. Their small size make them perfect for carrying on a key chain, wearing as a necklace, or even pocket or purse carry. 



While these are small, they are not toys. They come razor sharp and should not be purchased by or for anyone under 18 years of age. 



Lil Billy Bad Axe is approximately 3 1/2in OAL with a 1 1/8in cutting edge. 


Leavit Cleaver is approximately 3 3/4in OAL with 1 3/4in cutting edge. 


Endless colors and configurations. Cost usually around $120. each (both patterns)  sheaths included. 



Affectionately known as "The Ringpop" this is strickly a self defense tool. While we here at T.M.Hunt custom knives do not condone the use of violence, we do however, fully support the right to defend yourself from the evils that inhabit the earth. More of eye for a eye type company than a turn the other cheek if you will. The ringpop comes in several different versions and endless configurations. Can be worn on the belt in any position with our kydex belt rig, can also be stored in a pocket or purse or even on a keyring. No sense in ever being unarmed with one of these no nonsense tools. 



These are not toys or novieties. The ringpop is ONLY available through this website. No dealer sells. State and local laws are the buyers responsibility and we can and will refuse the right to sell to uneligible buyers. ABSOULETLY no purchasing if you are under 18 years of age.


Specs 2in tall x 2 3/4in tall. 1/4in heat treated high carbon tool steel. Base models start at $130. Skeletonized versions $90. 

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